it is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.


sample service activities

sample projects

E Noelo I Ka ‘Ike, To Search for Knowledge

E Noelo I Ka ‘Ike is an exciting project started in 2016. It is designed to counter a lack of awareness, access to, and competency engaging with Hawaiian resources. Team members work with librarians, other educators, and directly with students to teach information literacy and introduce culturally relevant resources – such as those available through Haupala, Hawaiian LegendsHula Preservation Society, KipukaPapakilo, Ulukau, and ʻUluʻulu as well as national databases like DPLA.

Mix IT Up!

Mix IT Up! Youth Advocacy Librarianship integrated theory and practice by creating opportunities for LIS students to access courses and gain practical experience working with community partners who serve youth. In doing so, we supported community organizations in achieving their goals and growing youth involvement. I served as principal investigator of Mix IT Up! from 2011-2014.

LIS Access Midwest Program (LAMP)

LAMP is a regional network of academic libraries and information science schools dedicated to promoting careers within the field of library and information science (LIS). The program accomplishes this goal by encouraging promising under-graduate and incoming graduate students to participate in activities and events designed to increase their awareness of professional practice and possibilities. LAMP specifically seeks to encourage the participation of students from statistically and historically underrepresented populations in LIS. I served as principal investigator of LAMP I and LAMP II from 2006-2013.


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